Family Fellowship Worship Center grew out of the remnant of New Vision Christian Center. Beginning with seventeen adult members in April 1995, the church family began holding services at 1014 Danbury Road, under the faithful and productive leadership of our Senior Pastor and First Lady, Drs. T.L. and Charlotte R. Davenport. The ministry grew to nearly one hundred members by the end of the first year. And with growth came the addition of officers, a Board of Directors, and the ordination of Deacons. Eventually, cell groups were added and became one of our great sources of growth.

As the congregation grew, it was obvious that new facilities would be needed, and here was an attempt to renovate the building. While renovating, a wind storm caused irreparable damage to the walls. In June 2001, the FFWC began its wilderness experience. The church began meeting in Anne Chesnutt Middle School cafeteria. During this time FFWC experienced explosive growth with the youth ministry. The success was such that it drew attention from local media.

FFWC’s relationship with Parks Chapel opened the door for use and rental of their old building in the Fall of 2001. Over the next seven years, the church continued growing and preparing to move back to the original location on Danbury Road. As the new building was going up, Parks Chapel sold their rental building resulting in one more move.

Services were then held at Methodist College from November 2007 until the new facility was completed. On the first Sunday of October 2008, the first service was held in our new building. It was a glorious day for the congregation! Since then, FFWC continues to impact the community through small groups, radio ministry on 104.5 FM, Facebook, FFWC church app., food pantry, and various outreaches with Fayetteville State University. The vision to “Teach, Disciple, and Serve,” continues to be the driving force behind our Pastor, First Lady, and entire congregation of Family Fellowship Worship Center.

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